Our Team

Core Values

These are the core values of Deft. We strive to make going into work invigorating and to help people reach the next level of their careers. To help us focus on what matters we take care of as much other stuff as possible for our employees. Our benefits are pretty exceptional.

  • We want people that are

    • Altruistic
    • Biased towards action
    • Compassionate
    • Humble
    • Vulnerable
  • To provide opportunites for

    • Mastery
    • Autonomy
    • Purpose
  • To build a team that is

    • Inclusive
    • Personal
    • Supportive
    • Constructive through conflict
  • So we can achieve

    • Personal growth
    • Economic security
    • Lifelong relationships

Patrick Wiseman

A successful strategic business consultant and entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia. Patrick has a proven track record with over ten years of product experience working with everyone from single-founder startups to Fortune 500 companies to deliver technology solutions that are beautifully designed and delightful to use. He understands the end-to-end product development process and thrives in a growing, fast-paced environment with a makers mentality.

Tim Dorr

Tim is a co-founder of SalesLoft, former Entrepreneur in Residence at Georgia Tech’s ATDC, CTO and CEO of several startups, a participant in the Flashpoint accelerator at Georgia Tech, and founded and sold his first company in his 20s.