Deft Core Values and Mission

Core values are critical to having a shared understanding of how the world works, what you’d like to see in the world, and evaluating how people may behave in any given circumstance. They help identify a successful framework for decision making. Deft will start hiring in 2018.

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The reality of the world is

“It’s chaos. Be kind.”

We want people that are

  • Vulnerable
  • Humble
  • Compassionate
  • Driven

To provide opportunities for

  • Master
  • Autonomy
  • Purpose

To build a team that is

  • Inclusive
  • Personal
  • Supportive
  • Constructive through Conflict

So we can achieve

  • Personal growth
  • Economic security
  • Lifelong relationships

Deft doesn’t have any secret sauce. We live out core values that we believe make us better technologists and better people. Kindness and appreciation are free, share them abundantly.